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  •  David Lee Dr David Lee
  •     BvSc(Hons I), MVSt, MANZCVSc(Avian Health),
        MANZCVSc(Small Animal Medicine)
  •    Principal Veterinarian

    David is the principal veterinarian of Sylvania Veterinary Hospital.

    Throughout his career he has gained tremendous knowledge and experience working in some of the largest veterinary hospitals in Australia.

    After graduating with a Bachelor of Veterinary science with first class honours from the University of Sydney in 2003, he started full time work at the RSPCA in Yagoona, gaining a large exposure to a vast array of different cases, and animals great and small, before joining the team at Sylvania Veterinary Hospital in March 2005. From 2003 to 2006, David also worked part time at the veterinary emergency and critical care units of the Animal Referral Hospital, and the North Shore Veterinary Specialist Centre, alongside some of Australia's leading veterinary specialists.

    David has an interest in bird medicine, and completed a one year course in Avian Medicine with the Post Graduate Society in 2007. In 2008, he was inducted as a Member of the Australian College of Veterinary Specialists after successfully passing examinations in the subject area of Avian Health. He is also a Member of the Association of Avian Veterinarians Australian Committee.

    David has also furthered his disiplines in all aspects of small animal practice, completing one year distance education courses in Ultrasonography and Oncology through the Post Graduate Foundation of the University of Sydney. In 2009 he was awarded a Masters of Veterinary studies in Small Animal Medicine and Surgery from Murdoch University, in recognition of 4 years of further study. In the same year he recieved further accolades, successfully passing membership examinations of the Australian College of Veterinary Scientists in Small Animal Medicine.

    When he can tear himself away from the practice, he enjoys family time with his wife Berena, and his two gorgeous children; daughter Jelena, and son Aiden. Also, we can't forget his cheeky Labrador Mango, and chirpy Banana, a rescued Indian Ringneck.


    •   Dr Michelle Sutherland

      •    BSc(Hons I), BVSc(Hons I)
      •    Veterinarian

      • Michelle has been with us at Sylvania Veterinary Hospital since 2007, and is one of our senior veterinarians.

        Michelle first completed a Bachelor of Science degree, and then spent two years on a working holiday in the Greek Islands. The urge for further study and knowledge brought her back to Sydney however, where she enrolled in the Veterinary Science course at the University of Sydney, graduating with first class honours in 2006.

        Michelle has continued to advance her knowledge in various branches of veterinary medicine, completing a one year Postgraduate course in Small Animal Internal Medicine at the Centre for Veterinary Education, followed by another one year course in Dermatology with the same instituition, and just recently completed yet another one year Post Graduate course in Diagnostic Imaging.

        Her special interests lie with Small Animal Dermatology and Internal Medicine, but the variety of different cases presented is what continues to drive her enthusiasm to work here at Sylvania Veterinary Hospital.

        How Michelle is able to juggle work here with us, her endless thirst for knowledge and further study, as well as the great commitment called motherhood is a mystery even she struggles to explain. Certainly her two children, Eva and Henry keep her very busy away from the hospital, but of course also give her great joy.


        •   Dr Emily Lucas

          •    BVSc
          •    Veterinarian

          • Emily is a graduate of the University of Sydney, having completed a Bachelor of Veterinary Science in 2011. She spent her first year as a fully qualified veterinarian undertaking an internship in equine medicine and surgery at the Randwick Equine Centre. After 12 months of dealing exclusively with horses, the urge and enthusiasm to work with small animals and their owners returned and Emily began work here at SVH in March 2013. Emily has a strong interest in canine and feline internal medicine, diagnostic imaging and emergency medicine. To continue to challenge her knowledge and skill set, Emily is starting her Masters in Veterinary Medicine through Massey university in 2017.

            At home Emily and her husband have a very enthusiastic and playful dog called Frankie who sometimes saves lives herself, acting as a blood donor for critical patients at the clinic. Personal interests include travel, good food (and wine!), family and keeping fit.

              Dr Eloise Ewen

            •    BVSc

              •    Veterinarian



            •   Dr Rachel Hennings
            •    BVSc
            •    Veterinarian

            • Rachel is our newest veterinarian, graduating in 2016 from Sydney University. She is originally from the USA, but is now is enjoying life in Australia.

              Rachel has a very bubbly, happy personality with a smile that is contagious. We also appreciate the many yummy recipes she makes and shares with the rest of our staff. Those Americans really do know how to do some good baking!

              Rachel is also a smart young lady, who has shown herself to be an asset to our hospital and it's patients.

                Kim Fata

              •    VN Cert IV
              •    Head Nurse

              • Kim is our dynamic Head Veterinary Nurse.

                Kim originally hails from the United States, and brings with her lots of experience and enthusiasm. Kim's job entails managing our large nursing team. This involves rostering, nurse education and training, and helping our nurses reach their full potential, as well as still maintaining her nursing duties.

                Kim enjoys her time away from work with her husband and their beautiful cat, and very cheeky bird.

                  Debbie Mineeff

                •    VN Cert IV
                •    Veterinary Nurse

                • What can we say our about fantastic Debbie?!

                  Debbie is a senior member of our nursing team.

                  Not only is Deb a very experienced and knowledgable nurse, but her infectious sense of humour and wonderful laugh  brightens our hospital daily.

                  Deb is our go-to girl in our surgical and hospital wards. 

                  Unfortunately we only get to see Deb three days a week, as she divides her precious time between work, and spending time with her husband and two small children. Her two dogs also keep her busy.

                  Deb loves dancing along to her Wii, horseriding, and enjoying weekend BBQ's with friends.

                    Nikeah Locke

                  •    VN Cert IV
                  •    Veterinary Nurse

                  • Nikeah is another one of our hardworking, dedicated nursing team.

                    Nikeah first came to Sylvania Veterinary Hospital as part of the TAFE student program, where students studying Cert III in Veterinary Nursing must complete a certain number of practical skills with a veterinary hospital setting.

                    In her one day a week with us, Nikeah made such a great impression with her conscientious learning style that as soon as we had a nursing position available it was hers!

                    Since then Nikeah has completed not only Cert III, but recently graduated with her Cert IV in Veterinary Nursing - not a small task!

                    She is now a trusted member of our nursing team, where her gentle, caring nature and attention to detail is always appreciated by our staff, and patients.

                    When she is not at work Nikeah is a busy Mum to two young daughters, and a very cheeky but lovable staffie puppy named Ruby.

                       Vicki Cawsey

                    •    VN Cert IV
                    •    Veterinary Nurse

                    • Vicki is a nurse with many years of experience, having worked in local practices within the Sutherland shire for over 20 years. Her experience and knowledge enable her to not only excel in her nursing role within our hospital, but make her a worthy mentor for our less experienced nurses.

                      Vicki also teaches at TAFE, lecturing to students studying Veterinary Nursing.

                      Vicki is definitely a busy lady, working with us 3 days a week and teaching TAFE 2 days a week. The rest of her time is spent enjoying being with her family and very cute  and energetic pug cross "Feo".

                        Toby Williams

                      •    Veterinary Nurse

                      • Toby has worked with us  at Sylvania Veterinary Hospital for 5 years, and is a much loved member of our nursing staff.

                        Toby is yet another previous TAFE student who initially came to us to gain practical skills.

                        Toby always has a happy disposition and positive attitude. His can-do nature and caring empathy shown towards our patients makes him a much valued employee.

                        We love seeing our once junior members of staff such as Toby become valuable members of our nursing team

                          Renee Bartyn

                        •    VN Cert IV
                        •    Veterinary Nurse

                        • Renee is another one of our hardworking and highly qualified nurses. Her caring attitude and dedication are just some of the qualities we admire in her.

                          In her down time away from the practice, Renee enjoys thoroughly spoiling her very geriatric labrador 'Busta', and eventing competitions with her beautiful horse 'Ozka'.

                            Nicole Allanson

                          •    VN Cert IV
                          •    Veterinary Nurse

                          • We are very fortunate to have such a dedicated and professional nurse as Nicole working with us at Sylvania Veterinary Hospital. Her nursing skills are matched by her caring and empathetic attitude towards the patients she cares for. Her attention to detail, and hardworking ethos ensure she is an important part of our team.

                            Outside of work, she loves spending time with her family and her gorgeous border collie Delilah.


                            •   Lesley Altimirano




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